First Impressions Of New Delhi

I know, I just wrote a super deep and authentic post about the beginning of my great spiritual journey to the center of my being, but I can’t resist spitting out some first impressions of India:

– Indians are very cool, friendly, and approachable. Also, zero attempts to scam me and very little harassment from touts and taxi drivers.

– Very few tourists. I’m staying right in New Delhi’s answer to Khao San Road, on the main bazaar by Ashram Marg station. Not to say this is incredibly important to me (or even a good thing on net, I’m a fan of backpacker girls), but not many tourists make it out here.

– I’ve always loved Indian food, and I love how dirt cheap it is here.

– Very strong British influence in the nicer areas, even stronger than I was expecting.

– I have literally not seen a single attractive girl in the twelve hours I’ve been here. I love sexy Indian girls, but sadly they are few and far between. Also the backpacker girls who come to India are more of the frumpy and crunchy granola-eating authenticity-hunters, in contrast to the fit, blonde and tanned Scandinavians populating Thailand.

Bottom line: Aside from the lack of girls and the apparent requirement that every Indian driver conduct a test of their car horn every ten seconds, New Delhi seems like a cool, fun place.

I’m heading to Rishikesh tonight for the next 3-5 weeks, but after that my tentative itinerary is:

New Delhi







Thoughts? Recommended bars/clubs/restaurants/mid-range hotels?

I won’t see your comments now, but I’ll be checking this thread out when I’m back in Delhi.