Fallen Alphas

“And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day—” – Jude, 1:6

Fuck yeah I’m reading the Bible, bitches. But today’s post is not about Fallen Angels. It’s about Fallen Alphas, and we’re going to start with a quote straight from the Book Of Frost:

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the pussy of life, which Game has promised to those who learn it.

Pain sucks. Frustration sucks. Failure sucks. But it is through pain, frustration and failure that we improve ourselves. Behind every champion lie thousands of invisible hours of hurt and sacrifice, whether in the gym, on the field, in the library, or in the nightclub.

You know why Roosh‘s books are the first seduction resource I point my readers towards? Because the man has suffered. Because Roosh started from nothing, and he figured out how to meet and seduce women from scratch. Bang is not the story of how the captain of the football team tinkered with his approaches. It’s the memoir of a man who overcame two decades of social programming through sheer force of will. Gmac has a similar background. (read From Playing Video Games To Playing Women: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). These guys are riding high now, but they clawed and scraped to get there.

They’re better men for it. They learned to value the abundance they have. They learned to value the work they did to get there. In a way, I envy them their trials. If you’re not getting laid, consider that silver lining: If you have the courage to conquer your demons and build yourself into the man you want to be, you’ll gain a lot more on your journey than just the ability to bang girls.

Contrast that with the Natural. He has nowhere to go but down. The High-School Alpha, the University Alpha, even the Yuppie Alpha – they’re all liable to become Fallen Alphas if they get lazy.

Captain of the high school football team yesterday, watches 30 hours of sports on his big-screen every week, gained 50lbs and mops a floor for a living today? Fallen Alpha.

Frat president and party animal yesterday, accountant with a frumpy wife today? Fallen Alpha.

Hotshot lawyer with a BMW and a closet full of $2,000 suits yesterday, unemployed and afraid to approach in jeans and a t-shirt today? Fallen Alpha.


In the cut-throat world of 21st-century dating, you’re either innovating or decaying. (As a man. As a woman, you’re just decaying.) Getting easy lays because of your looks, external status, or money is great, but it can make a man too comfortable. It can make him stagnate.

I got my first taste of life as a Fallen Alpha in grad school. Moving to a city with zero social circle, zero cash, zero status as a varsity athlete/thrower of awesome parties/general notorious man about town, and only slightly more than zero free nights to go out. Reality smacked me in the face, hard. I had to accept that my game was a lot weaker than I thought. It sucked.

But it was also forced me to become a better man. Before that year, I had never consciously tweaked and tested my approaches. I had never kept a journal. I had never truly become comfortable with rejection, to the point that I could consistently cold approach while alone. But over that year, I did all of those things, and more.


Not getting laid sucks, but at least it presents you with a clear path to follow: Work on the things you suck at, until you stop sucking. But let’s say you’re doing all right for yourself. You’ve got some hot girls on the go! You pulled three new notches last month! Two and a half were hot! What should you do?

The typical man’s answer will be to accept your success, call it luck, and enjoy it while it lasts – i.e., to follow The Way Of The Fallen Alpha.

The atypical man, i.e. myself and you, dear reader, cannot do this. We cannot let ourselves get complacent. We will not let ourselves get complacent. As “alpha” as we are, or as we perceive ourselves to be, we must never lose sight of the next level. We must always be asking, what can we do that will allow our future selves to look back on our present selves with empathetic, paternalistic, condescending pity?

Once Roosh figured out how to bang DC chicks, he set off for a long and painful mission to conquer South America’s Women

Naughty Nomad (and others) collects flags for the sport of it

Fly Fresh and Young has declared The Hit It And Quit It Summer Of 2012

And now, I am declaring two rules for next month and a half in France:

1) No backpacker lays. Local girls only.

2) No English.

Many good things will come out of these two rules.

– My French will go from decent to absolutely fluent. I can get by in French right now, but I am just much, much less clever in any language but English. Since wordplay is a core part of my game, I have to get better at French, and in particular casual, informal French, or I go hungry.

– I will learn much more about French people and culture.

– I will get back out into the RAW world of challenge and struggle, victory and defeat, instead of just playing the same game with the same people in the same hostels, with nothing but the scenery changing.


Dear readers, care to set yourselves some challenges? Let us know in the comments.