F25 Introduction

*I’m on a two-month blogging vacation while I backpack around Southeast Asia. Until I return, I’m posting excerpts from my book, Freedom Twenty-Five: A 21st-Century Man’s Guide To Life. If you like this post, you should buy a copy for yourself and everyone you’ve ever met in your life.*

This book is a wake-up call for our generation. Its goal is to set you free.

From what exactly? Well, that’s where things get interesting. The first step on your path to freedom is identifying the chains that bind you. This is difficult if you’ve been bearing their weight for so long that you no longer notice the burden.

Some chains are easy enough to recognize. Are you fat and weak? You probably already know you’d rather be fit and strong. Are you poor? You already know that you want to make more money.

Other chains are more subtle.

Maybe you look healthy, but don’t know that small changes to your diet could leave you more focused and energetic, and eliminate the need to spend ten hours a week working out.

Maybe you think you’re just one promotion away from fulfilling your financial needs. But I’d lay money you’ll quickly and easily find fresh dissatisfaction with every step you take up the corporate ladder.

How’s your sex life? Fine, you say. But what does that mean? Inertia-fuelled complacency with a nagging sea cow of a girlfriend? Empty, drunken rutting with whatever you scrape off the vodka-slicked dance floor at 2am?

And even if you have found conventionally-defined success: How much time do you spend reading and learning about the world? Do you have hobbies that you’re passionate about? Are you close with your friends and family? Or are you pissing away your free time under the flickering glare of TV, video games and mindless internet surfing?

What’s your purpose in life?

This book will ask you hard questions like these, because they are catalysts for introspection and lifestyle changes.

Sounds cool, huh? Buy the Book!