Enjoy The Decline

I just came across an author and a catchphrase that really capture my mentality right now.

The blog is Captain Capitalism, and the phrase is: “Enjoy the Decline”

Economy and job market collapsing? Enjoy the decline!

American dollar on the verge of hyperinflating? Enjoy the decline!

Love and marriage being replaced by the hypergamous hell of hookup culture? Enjoy the decline!

Crime and disorder creeping slowly outward from the slums? Enjoy the decline!

Families, civil society, and the social fabric, all tearing at the seams? You get the idea…

It’s obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes and a brain that western civilization is in a state of decay, and has been for a good few decades (if not centuries) now. Are we approaching the nadir? I suspect we are. Rock bottom approaches, I think, but that’s just an educated guess. As for what’s coming after the collapse, I really have no idea. Maybe historians will one day speak of the great western cultural renaissance of the 2020s, or maybe there just won’t be any historians to speak of anything. I lean towards optimism, but not for any good reason.

No matter what though, we’re headed for a change. Your comfortable (or mediocre, or awful) life is about to get shaken, hard. We are living in a status quo that most of us take for granted as inevitable and eternal, but in reality it is neither. And that status quo is decaying.

It’s decaying slowly, for now. But old buildings don’t just steadily decompose into a pile of rubble. They hit a tipping point, and go from “house” to “debris” in a matter of seconds. And a house on the edge can look and function much like a healthy one. It will keep you warm and protect you from the rain. But one day, it will collapse, and your life will get interesting, fast, even if you were smart or lucky enough to be outside when it did.

So what else is there to do? Enjoy the Decline!