Energy Is The X Factor

Willpower is vastly overrated.

Whenever I’m in a positive state in my life, having “willpower” comes incredibly easily to me. On a high-energy day, I never have to force myself to have a great workout, grind though a tough and frustrating project, or get amped up to be social, meet girls, and have a good time. On a low-energy day, I’m useless in every respect.

Willpower is important. But you will find it far, far easier to muster if you do the following five things to optimize your energy levels.

1) Sleep

Yes, you already know that poor sleep will affect your energy levels. Not only will you be – obviously – tired the next day, failing to get proper sleep interferes with your body’s testosterone production, which is a major factor in your energy, focus and motivation. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, try cutting yourself off from unnatural light, TV, and computer screens immediately after the sun goes down. If that doesn’t work, try supplementing with Zinc and melatonin.

2) Feast

Regular readers are well aware that I’m all about the Paleo Diet. One of the happy side effects to stepping off the insulin roller coaster that comes with eating low-carb is that my energy levels are much higher, and much more consistent throughout the day. There is no mid-afternoon post-lunch crash that afflicts so many, and I’m never crippled by angry, low-blood-sugar-induced hunger whenever I go more than three hours without a meal.

Eating a diet high in protein and animal fats also stimulates testosterone production – again, a key factor in increasing energy levels.

3) Lift

Lifitng heavy weights – squats, deadlifts, bench press, clean and presses – will increase your metabolism, and (am I starting to sound like a broken record?) increase your testosterone levels. Lifting heavy also limbers up and exhausts the entire body, which I find makes it easier for me to concentrate. If I haven’t lifted, sprinted, or played an intense sport in a while, by body gets jittery.

4) Play

I recently read The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. Great book.  I don’t know if happiness causes high energy or vice versa, but the two mental states are highly correlated.

5) Fuck

The relationship between sex and energy levels is complex. Getting laid is invigorating. It can also be draining and distracting. Having the mentality of a hungry wolf is good. But go a month without getting laid, and I doubt you’ll be able to think about anything else, not to mention the effects that a dry spell will have on a man’s self-confidence and zest for life.

My current strategy is to give myself 2-3 days stretches of self-imposed celibacy. Then I’ll have one or two nights of mucho sex, followed by another 2-3 day stretch of sexually frustrated hungry-wolf mentality.

Also, I don’t jerk off. Masturbating saps a man of his vital life energy in a way that sex doesn’t, and if you’re not getting laid, abstaining from ejaculation entirely will be all the motivation you need to overcome your approach anxiety.