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I’m not a blog reader, however, a friend e-mailed your post “It’s Your Life” to me and it struck a fucking chord in me man. I’m in the same boat: “26, ex-jock, veteran-of-oil-war, educated, hard-drinking, thinking, working-for-the-man making respectable salary with ‘bright’ future”…and feeling the life-force sucked from my blood each day.

Reading the cliff notes of my life, there is nothing to bitch about, but it is brutal somehow psychologically. The day after day grind, the meaningless corporate buzzwords, bullshit, the desk, the lighting… and all the pathetic, lifeless, castrated men that buy into the ‘corporate culture’ and haven’t lived an exciting day in the past twenty-something years.

Selling your soul one day at a time to increase shareholder profit margins…it’s not what my grandfather did, but I don’t think he would have put up with the charade had he the opportunity. He was raised in a time when men had real challenges and didn’t accept bullshit, regardless of the pain it would induce in resisting (I’m romanticizing here, but you get the point…). We, on the other hand, have been trained from birth to act as if neutered. I’ll stop ranting there…but I think that keeping your options open mentally, experimenting with diet and exercise routines, staying social (not in the “Corporate golf-outing” sense), and allowing your brain to flex with imagination and creativity of some type are vital. Keep up the good work sir.


J. W. Black