Clothes, Fashion And Hairstyles

I’ve refrained from offering much fashion advice, since I only own one pair of jeans and maybe three shirts that I wear out to bars. It’s an important topic though, so I’m hoisting this valuable comment by Andrew, author of the excellent new blog The Rules Revisited, on this post.

I’ve found various good advice online for hair but you need to filter through a lot of bullshit to find it. If anyone knows a good book I would be interested to know about it too. By the way, more men (i.e. all my coworkers and friends) make mistakes by not adapting their hairstyle to their (receding) hairline; face shape is less important. For example, I’ve read so many places that people with narrow faces need to wear their hair longer on the sides to add width, but this is superseded if your hair is starting to recede, because adding to the sides emphasizes the recession. I am thinking the best resource will probably be a text book from a a hairstylist school. You might try calling a reputable one and asking what text they use to teach. This is decent because it actually gives photo examples:

I have A couple books that have taught me some important lessons on how to dress well. The first is Called: “Details Men’s Style Manual.” you can get it here:

It mostly deals with fit and style, and it has no bullshit in it. However, that book says nothing about color, which is critical. So if you want to round home, check out “Image Matters For Men”:

This book deals with body shape, color and personality, but not as much with style (like the Details one does). Together these two books will tell you everything you need to know. I’ve found that – like anything – learning how to dress well takes practice and risk. Money helps too but it isn’t essential.

And now I’m sitting here trying to think of something to add to this post, and realizing that I actually know nothing at all about fashion. I’ve had the same haircut since high school. Whenever I go out, I wear the same jeans and one of three dress shirts. For reasons that I’ll write about soon, I won’t be making an effort to work on this area of my life right this minute, but all men need to eventually make the transition away from dressing and presenting themselves like they’re in middle school. Hopefully Andrew’s comment can help with that.