Chicks Dig Assholes

I like to branch out in my reading habits. Breaking down silos, as they say.

With that goal in mind, I joined a website called 20-Something Bloggers and did some clicking. Readers beware: nowhere on Earth will you find a more fetid cesspool of narcissism, banality and unfulfilled aspirations to cute-cleverness. Mommy blogs, recipe blogs, fitness blogs, Tim Ferriss wannabe blogs – hundreds of each are being written, though not read, by the legions of mediocrity that make up the 20sb community.

But every writer must churn out great piles of pages of crap before he can write something worthwhile. And I will always, always cheer for rookie actually doing something, however badly, over the cynic sniping at him from the sideline. So I tip my hat to you, 20-something bloggers, boring though most of you are.

“Most” is not the same as “all” though, and I’ve found a few quite readable blogs amidst the rubble.

Freedom Twenty-Five readers, allow me to introduce you to Lilly, author of the fine blog, A Pre-Life Crisis. If you are interested in the life and mind of the modern mid-20ish urban single woman, I have found no better-written guide than her. Cute, too.

Now, Lilly has a bit of a problem. Men these days are jerks. In fact, The Jerks Just Keep Coming! As a result, she can’t help but wonder: Does she just have a thing for jerks?

As a public service to Lilly and my female readership, I’ll answer: Yes ladies, you do indeed like jerks.

Sometimes you like us in spite of our jerkiness (“Who cares that he’s a jerk? Look how hot he is!”) and sometimes you like us, love us even, because of our jerkiness. You know that feeling you get, when you just want to ball your hands into fists, crinkle your nose, stomp one foot on the ground and make a pouty-frowny face at us? That feeling is attraction, and the frown will soon break into a smile.

So how does a girl avoid jerk-y douchebag assholes?

Does she even want to?

If she chooses to bask in the intoxicating company of the sort of rapscallion that would screen her calls, break dates, flirt with her friends, etc, how can she tame (or at least understand) his behaviour?

What we have here is a lack of communication between assholes and the women of the world. The ‘nets are full of girly-blogs, trying in vain to chart a course through the shallow, asshole-infested seas of modern urban dating. And here I am, an asshole with a blog. I sense an opportunity for productive exchange.

So here’s my invitation to the ladies: Ask this asshole anything. Why won’t I call? Why won’t I commit? Why do I need “space” when you thought things were going soooo good? I’m formally extending the guest post Q&A offer to the following four girly-dating bloggers:

Jessica Druck

Date me DC

This One Time On

A Pre-Life Crisis