Chiang Mai, Part Deux: Three Revelations

The best vacations always require a vacation to recover from.

After one month of booze, drugs, women, temples, scams, beaches, hostels and rock and roll – I need a vacation more than I ever have in my life. Hence, my triumphant return to Chiang Mai for a month of writing, working, and training Ju Jitsu.

I will have much more to write about the debauchery of the 2012 End Of The World Tour, consisting of a hazy 40-day journey through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, but for now suffice it to say that you’ll have to excuse me…


The world looks a bit different to me now, and I think the acid flashbacks are only a small part of that. Asia generally, and Chiang Mai in particular, feels much more like home. Making my way through new cities seems much easier. My friends, family and hometown feel farther away.

As good of a time as I had pillaging my way across the subcontinent with 3 of my best friends, it’s also thrown a few things into focus:

1) I’ve wasted a huge chunk of my early twenties

From a conventional perspective, I spent that time getting marketable degrees and holding down a good job. But a hard look in the mirror forces me to admit that I learned very little of value.

It really is hard to overstate how big a waste of time modern University educations are, and how sad it is that the bulk of my generation (and the right side of the bell curve especially) is frittering away what should be their formative years in what is basically an adult kindergarten with sex and liquor.

2) The next year is my last chance to do something worthwhile with my life

In a ridiculously short time, I’m going to be twenty-seven years old. I’m going to be an adult. The clock is ticking.


I consider myself a smart guy. I have complete faith in my ability to eke out an above-average living with a modicum of effort and good decision-making. By any normal standard, my old career was a pretty good gig, and I can easily get right back on that track.

But if I want a bigger life than that, it’s now or never. It’s not an issue of age, but mindset. At this point in my life, I know what kind of lifestyle I want to have. I know what I have to do to get it.

I’m not saying I have to ‘make it’ this year. But I’m at a point where it’s time to decide whether to walk down the hustle path, or the coast path. If not now, when?

3) Whatever I do, I’m going to write about it

Taking a month off of blogging was nice, but more than anything, it made me realize how much I enjoy having this outlet. More detailed announcements are coming, but for now: There will be a book about the SEA Trip, and it will drop right after the second edition of the Freedom Twenty-Five Book.

I will also be getting back to regular updates on this blog, although I will be moving to a new URL eventually.

Subscribers and twitter followers, thanks for sticking around! It’s good to be back.