Book Cover Preview

The Freedom Twenty-Five Book launches in four days. Here’s the cover.


The process of publishing an launching the book has not been as seamless and perfect as I’d dreamed. I was correcting some last-minute formatting errors just last week. I paid more than I had to for rush orders of proofs and review copies, and even still those who requested hardcopies to review won’t be getting them until after the launch. I designed the cover with Amazon’s free service, and so I couldn’t make the sub-title text smaller. I’m sure I’ll make numerous other mistakes throughout the rest of the process.

But you know what? Fuck all that.

Whatever screw-ups I’ve made, they didn’t prevent me from putting together a great product. I’ve dreamed of writing a book for years. Now I’ve done it, and I’m proud. Oh, and by the way – it’s a damn good book. Don’t just take my word for it though, as there will be plenty of reviews coming in, and I promise to link to them all.

More importantly, I now know the process of drafting, writing, self-publishing, and launching a book from ass to elbow. I hope, and sincerely believe, that Freedom Twenty-Five: A 21st Century Man’s Guide To Life will be a modest success. But it’s also a jumping off point to what I hope will be a life spent doing what I love to do, and getting paid for it.

Thanks to each of you, Freedom Twenty-Five readers, and please stick around. We’re just getting started.