Blog-Whoring 101

I walked past a homeless man today, muttering to himself on the street. “Crazy bastard!” I thought. But now I ask myself: Am I any different?

Freedom Twenty-Five has grown by leaps and bounds since I first launched it. But it’s been several months since I’ve had a major bump in my traffic and subscriber numbers. Sure, I’ve found a decent-sized (and generally very high quality) audience. But I appear to have stagnated well short of what I could call a “fuck you” level of traffic.

Before I leave the continent and travel the world indefinitely, I want to build a much larger audience. Is it because I’m vain? Absolutely. Only a liar writes publicly, with no intention of being read. More tangibly, a larger readership results in more feedback and suggestions to help me work towards the goals I’m writing about, and will make the inevitable task of monetizing my writing easier and more lucrative.

So without further ado, I’m setting the following goal for Freedom Twenty-Five: One Thousand RSS Subscribers by October 1st, 2011

This will be roughly five times my current regular readership. It will require blog-whoring on a epic scale – guest posts, article submissions, elbow-greasing, bribes, begging, reddit-whoring, comment-whoring, IRL-whoring, threats, and possibly even the creation of 800 new alternate email addresses by yours truly – but I will prevail. I will grow my E-dick until it is 11 throbbing inches long.

In subsequent posts, I’ll outline the techniques that have brought me (some, moderate) past success in self-aggrandizement and float my current plans to reach the 1000k marker. Until then:

1) Fellow blog-whores, what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past? Any resources to point me towards?

2) I’m adding the feedburner widget in the sidebar so you can track my progress.