Better Tears In Your 20s Than Cats In Your 40s

The Freedom Twenty-Five Ask An Asshole Initiative was a rousing success, in the sense that I laughed a lot while writing it.

But did it also have some positive impact on the test subjects? I report, you decide.

Fact #1: I aimed my acidic keyboard at the following two lovely ladies: Lilly of A Pre-Life Crisis, and Kate of Date Me DC.

Fact #2: If you peruse the archives of their blogs and mine, you will recognize a pattern. After my posts calling them out on their lifestyles, they each entered a multi-week period of complete radio silence. Did they spend those weeks in quiet contemplation of their dating habits, expectations, and life goals? Perhaps they did.

Fact #3: Following their periods of asshole-induced reflection, each emerged with a newfound desire to settle down. Kate found herself a BFFAE (boyfriend for eva and eva, in case you didn’t know) and Lilly has embraced getting her nest on.

Here’s what I think happened, in my wildest of narcissistic fantasies.

Kate and Lilly were each trapped in a false view of the world, themselves, and the men around them. They bought into their sex-and-the-city delusions because doing so helped rationalize their exchange of long-term happiness for short-term thrills. Facing up to that reality was a painful process, and could only have been catalyzed by the tactless delivery of hard truths, i.e. assholery. Sometimes you have to make a girl cry, for her own sake. Ladies: Better tears in your 20s, than cats in your 40s.

A few administrative notes to close on:

– The Ask An Asshole Initiative is still a going concern. Stay tuned for more.

– I chose to harass Kate and Lilly because I waded through the mediocre swamps of many, many similar blogs, and decided they were the best. Go check them out if you’re interested in some eloquent, if self-unaware accounts of the lives of modern urban young women.

– Both girls, while deluded, seem to be decent human beings. If you’re still sending them angry emails about what horrible sluts they are, that’s probably an indication that you have some work to do on your own life. Why not channel that anger into something productive? Just a thought.