Bang Poland Extras

Roosh’s Bang Poland drops today. My review is here. Executive summary is that it is a must-read for any man who likes to travel and fuck, and it’s also an interesting story of a man’s ability to enjoy intimacy recovering from a young adulthood spent dating the foul and wretched women of Washington DC.

So, at ten bucks for the book alone, I recommend it.

But here are the extras Roosh is offering for people who buy it today:

50% discount. The ebook and Kindle editions will normally be priced at $9.99 but you can get it on Friday only for $4.99. The paperback will not be discounted but you still get the bonuses if you buy it on Friday.

My raw game notes from Poland. I share my working game notes along with my post-mortem analyses from pillaging three Polish cities on weekend trips. These are personal annotations that at the time were for my eyes only. You’ll be able to take a look at the method to my madness.

Sneak preview into my Latvia guide. You’ll get the chance to read my Scammer Chicks section of the book before anyone else.

Interview with Polish-American player Michael Byc. He shares additional tips on Polish girl game along with some adjustments you’ll have to make with Polish girls living in America.

11 minute long private video. I give you a top 9 countdown of all the countries I’ve been to in the past 17 months, including breakdowns on Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden that I’ve yet to release publicly. You’ll also be able to download the audio in MP3 format.

-$5 off coupon towards my mega ebook combo that includes Bang and Day Bang. The coupon will be valid for the next month and includes five other titles for a total price that is under $20.

So, five bucks for a package that includes a five dollar coupon on other books that are also well worth a read? Maybe Roosh is so high on Polish pussy, he’s giving away his books because, man… can’t you see that like, there’s nothing in the world except for LOVE? It’s just LOVE everywhere, man. Here, have some free books…

Here’s where you can buy Bang Poland, at half price, with a boatload of free swag.