Baby Steps

I hadn’t realized it until now, but I’m going to Europe tomorrow.

As I’ve written (also here) my eventual plan is to travel for stretches much longer than a month. This trip will be baby step in that direction. It will be a chance to find out if vagabonding is actually what I want to do, and to test my personal tolerance for being away from home and the creature comforts of stationary living. Hopefully I’ll learn a lot about life on the road so that when I eventually take off with a one-way ticket, I’ll have a few ideas for making my adventures fun, cheap and safe.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll come back from my month away with a renewed appreciation of family, childhood friends, comfort and security, and decide against any future long-term adventures. But more likely I’ll return with a fresh understanding of just how vital it is to my personal growth and enjoyment of life to drastically shake up my current lifestyle.

The finalized itinerary is Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and London over the next month. I’ll be busy, but I’m sure I’ll also be updating semi-regularly from the road – a guy’s gotta relax sometime, right? And of course I want a written record of the trip for my own sappy sentimental reasons. But for now – less talking, more packing!