Ask Me Anything

Reddit is a site where girls and fags waste time looking at pictures of kittehs and saggy tits. But it’s also a key battleground in la revolucion for the hearts and minds of the best and brightest young minds in America. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to The Red Pill subreddit, a home for counter-feminist and reactionary ideas, on the most popular link-sharing forum on the internet today.

In a category that admittedly includes no better than the lickspittle manginas of r/seduction and whiny incel Bizarro Universe feminists of r/mensrights, The Red Pill is the best subreddit on the site by a wide margin.

But perhaps I’m biased, because the good men running it have done me the kindness of hosting an AMA (basically a crowd-sourced interview) today at noon. If you head over and create an account, which will take you all of five seconds, you can ask me any question you want. Yes, gentle reader, I will be coming down from my perch of D-List internet fame to mingle with you, the rabble. Never say I don’t have the common touch.

I encourage you to spend some time clicking around r/TheRedPill, upvoting that which is good, dropping the blue arrow hammer of Thor on that which is not. You may even make a habbit of submitting an article or two on your own. And once that’s all done with, drop u/RedPillSchool a line and let him know what a bang up job he’s doing on behalf of the movement. Or just report him to the SPLC. I’m sure he’d take either as a complement.

But don’t do it out of the kindness of your heart, dear reader.

I am hereby making an offer that will be good for the next twenty-four hours: Anyone who PMs my Reddit account in the next 24 hours will receive… drum roll please…. a free advance copy of A Generation Of Men, my first novel. Devotees will recognize it as Trig with new clothes and a haircut. It will retail for twelve bucks on March 1st, but in the coming week I’ll be giving copies away like a pedophile with a pocket full of candy at an elementary school for the blind.

So team, let’s summarize the action items:

1) Go to The Red Pill Subreddit. Create an account. Up or Down vote everything the light touches.

2) Participate in my AMA interview. Upvote it if you appreciate my irascible charm.

3) PM me from your brand spankin’ new Reddit account for a code that will let you download A Generation of Men for free.