An Open Letter To The Manginas of the Internet

This is a letter to all Manginas.

What is a Mangina?

Simply, it is a portmanteau of the words Man and Vagina. I use it here to signify the community of heterosexual men blogging about sex and gender issues from a feminist perspective today.

Is Mangina pejorative? I suggest it is not. Vaginas are certainly wondrous things and masculinity, while often oppressive, is not without merit – especially in the context of its kinder, gentler, post-sexual revolution revival. The word formed from the combination of these fine concepts has negative connotations only insofar as we allow them.  For example, some would use the word Mangina to mock those of us who stand up for feminism, women’s liberty, and gender rights. The implication being that men who exhibit sympathy for women, and embody characteristics that society has deemed “female”, are somehow less than those who do not!

That’s why I choose to display my Mangina proudly. I suggest you do the same.

So what kinds of issues are important to Manginas?

We write about gender and queer issues. We combat sexism, agism, slut-shaming, hetero-normative worldviews, patriarchy, racism, fascism and a few other -isms to boot. We are but quiet voices in a shouting world, but we’re doing our small part to resist oppression wherever it’s found. As an auxillary wing to the courageous women who’ve spearheaded the larger battle for women’s rights, we’ve accomplished a lot. The scourge of patriarchy that dominated the western world for centuries is breathing it’s dying gasps.

It’s not quite time to sheath our pens, as there is still work to be done, but the optimist in me says: That day draws near. Or at least so it seemed.

Recently, I’ve noticed a new challenge rearing itself in our midst. Almost as soon as the old patriarchy had been slain, a new movement rose to take it’s place. I call it Neo-Traditionalism, and it is a many-headed hydra. In one facet, it is the Men’s Right’s Movement, a comical collection of the privileged whining about not being quite privileged enough.

In another, it is the reactionary and sexist dating advice of “gurus” like Susan Walsh, who urge young women to act coy and subservient in the eyes of their men, and to feel ashamed of their natural sexual urges and actions.

Most widely of all, it manifests itself in the Seduction Community, a sad collection of hapless men driven to the internet by their failure with women, where they attempt to learn the tricks, deceptions and flim-flams that will guide women into having (possibly consensual) sexual relations with them.

Suffice it to say,  the Manginas of the world must be active in combating this threat. The men driving Neo-Traditionalism are an embarrassment to our gender. It is essential that we push back against their misinformation in our blogs, magazines, opinion articles, and wherever else public opinion can be influenced.

It will be a long, difficult, and often thankless task. But we will always have one consolation: The women of the world will see us as the heroes we are. And not just any women – the best women.

As you can imagine, the Neo-Trads are strongly disposed toward agist, weightist and other patriarchal beauty myths. They claim to exhibit a strong mate preference for young women, thin women, and women that conform to the patriarchal western ideal of beauty. Apparently anything over 32 is too ripe for these “men!”

Fortunately, there is one major benefit of these sad attitudes to the proud Manginas of the world. [Trigger warning: Hetero-normative assumptions made for the remainder of this letter.]

The Man-o-Sphere – PUAs, Traditionalist Christians, Men’s Rights Activists and all the rest – are spending all their efforts chasing after a small group of women. Unlike us, they haven’t succeeded in freeing themselves from their patriarchal, Eurocentric, sexist preference for young, thin, attractive, soft-spoken, modest women. The non-Manginas are blinkered by their agist, weightist and myriad other prejudices.

This leaves the meat market for Manginas WIDE OPEN.

As progressive, forward-thinking men, we Manginas would never think to judge a woman for being a fat, old slut. To do so would violate the tenets of our entire belief system. The Neo-Trads, on the other hand, won’t have anything to do with inner-beautiful women such as these.

They would not be interested in a middle-aged career sex worker – So we Manginas will wallow in the intellectual delights of their wisdom and maturity, and the sensual pleasures that only a woman of her prodigious experience can deliver!

Their agist bigotry drives them away from all but the youngest women – So we Manginas will pursue and wed the delightful tri and quadragenerian set!

Weightism holds them back from drinking in the sublime ecstasy of making love to a 500lb woman – So we Manginas will have the ravishingly rotund all to ourselves!

In short, I’m proposing a complete separation between the two communities of the world. Manginas will be free to monopolize the women for whom we fight so valiantly – the fat, old, ugly, loud, abrasive, slutty, masculine, hectoring, perma-frowning feminists – while the Neo-Traditionalists make do with the pittance left over – young, thin, hotties.

As Manginas, we are prevented from pursuing hot women, not just by our ideology, but also by those women’s recognition that we are a sad and desperate lot, offering what pittance remains of our self-respect in rank supplication, hoping to extract a pity handjob from one of the foul slutwalkers we lionize.

Also, I suppose it’s slightly disingenuous to call my plan a “proposal,” when it’s clearly already happening as I type.

But while the PUAs and non-feminist women are out having sex that doesn’t inspire onlookers to retch, building healthy families, and enjoying happy relationships with clearly defined gender roles – we Manginas have free reign on the slutwalkers! The womyn! The feminists! So what say you, Manginas? Will you heed this call to arms? Will you do your Mangina-rrific duty and make sweet love to the aged, loose, spherical masses of women shunned by the Neo-Trad oppressors?

Will you?

The answer is yes, Manginas, you will. Whether you like it or not.