A Journey of a Thousand Pages…

OK, maybe a thousand pages would be a bit excessive. But today I’ve started the process of writing and publishing my first novel. I’m devoting a separate blog to serializing the sucker here, and here is a permalink to the first chapter. Below is a quote from my brief introduction of the project:

Welcome to Trig, a free online novel about dating, relationships and the state of masculinity in the early 21st century. I’ll be posting a new chapter on a weekly basis, so please bookmark, comment, and pass along the URL.

The working title of “Trig” was chosen to reflect my attitude towards the process of writing my first novel. Like every other restless, blogging twenty-something in the world, I have a half-finished book lingering on my hard drive. Actually, I have several, but one in particular strikes me as especially worth finishing.

In the past, I’ve tended to come up with an idea for a book, write 20-100 pages, and then get caught in an endless cycle of editing and re-writing. After that, my motivation lags when I stop making forward progress and… well I don’t give up. Oh no. But life just seems to get a whole lot busier.

But not now. I’ve aborted enough unfinished novels. I don’t care how much editing, revising and reviewing I may want to do – I’m finishing this sucker. I don’t care how mangled the plot becomes. I don’t care if I realize halfway through that I want to switch verb tenses. I don’t care if the dialogue reads like nails on a chalkboard. I am going to continue churning out one chapter a week until I can happily and honestly write the words The End. At which point, all bets are off and I will cut and paste and delete and rewrite until my neck-veins bulge.

But until then, this novel is my baby. It’s my Trig Palin. And I, like Sarah, am going to stick with my baby, no matter how retarded it is.

Some would say the working title is in poor taste. Well, fuck ‘em. It’s not like book itself will be any different.